Breed Origin and Development

This breed is mostly found in Binjharpur, Bori, Sujanpur and Dasarathpur area of Jajpur district in Odisha. The animals are mostly reared in free range system with little input in form of concentrated feeding.

Breed Description.

The animals are medium sized, horned, strong, dual type and docile cattle. Bulls look very strong, vigorous with well developed horns.
Coat Color is predominantly whitish, however black, brown and grey animals are also seen
Head is medium, upright and straight
Ears are small and horizontal in position.
Both males and females are horned. Broad base with tapering and pointed inward also short and straight.
Udder is bowl shaped. Milk vein is prominent. Udder shrinks to nothing after milking.
Tail almost touches the ground.
These animals attain maturity at the age of around 26-30 months.

Breed utility and Special Qualities.

The breed is a dual type. The cows produce good quality of milk. Some good quality animals yield around 4-5 liters of milk a day.. Products like milk, ghee, chhena (Cheese) have a good demand among the people of Odisha. The bullocks are very good draft animals.