Khariar Breed of Cattle


Breed Origin and Development

This breed is mostly found in and around Khariar, Sinapalli and Boden areas of Nuapada district of Odisha.

Breed Description.

The animals are small sized, horned and mostly draft type and docile cattle with good posture. Bulls look very strong and vigorous with well developed humps.
Horns are small and horizontal, upward and inward.
Coat Color light brown to grey.
Head is small sized with flat and straight forehead. Males have longer and bigger head than of females..
Ears are medium and horizontal in position.
Udder is bowl shaped. Milk vein is less prominent.
Tail tapers towards tip. Switch is black and thick.
These animals attain maturity at the age of around 30-32 months

Breed utility and Special Qualities.

The breed is a very good draft animal. The bullocks are very good draft animals. Dung is very useful for fuel and manure. The cow produces considerable quantity of milk used for domestic consumption.