Quality Semen Prod

Quality Semen Prod

Quality frozen semen is the critical input for Bovine breeding. As per the field requirement, the semen production schedule is being planned and the shortfall in the production level was bridged by procuring good quality crossbred and buffalo frozen semen from leading organizations of our country.


Rearing Donor Bulls


    Single pen accommodation has been created for rearing bulls in the frozen semen station, Cuttack. About 80 donor bulls of different breeds like Hariana, Red Sindhi, Pure Jersey, Crossbred Jersey and Cross Bred Holstein Friesian are being maintained in the Frozen Semen Station for collection of semen.


Strengthening of Frozen Semen Bank Laboratory


    The frozen semen-processing laboratory established in 1978 has been strengthened under Central and State sponsored schemes. The laboratory has been renovated to provide more space and by creating a separate room for storage and despatch of semen. It is well equipped with modern equipments to produce 15 lakh doses of semen per year. All the critical equipments are under AMC and measuring equipments are calibrated by Regional Reference Standard Laboratory, Bhubaneswar.


  • The breed-wise semen production during past year is as follows.


              (In Lakh)


Breed 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19
Jersey 3.04 2.26 2.08 2.68 5.43
CB 2.27 3.38 4.82 3.59 6.20
CBHF 0 0 0 0 0.98
Hariana 1.9 2.34 2.26 1.84 2.73
RS 1.79 2.17 2.05 1.46 1.81
Total 9.00 10.15 11.21 10.55 ୧୮.୧୨


Process control and certification of FSB, Cuttack


The breeding bulls Jersey/ Cross Breed are being procured from CCBF and other Livestock Development Boards. The bulls are regularly tested for sexually transmitted diseases like Brucellosis, Vibriosis, Trichomoniasis and Tuberculosis by RDDL, Kolkata and State Laboratory. The bulls are also screened for IBR. Karyotyping of all donating bulls is done at periodic interval.


  • Frozen Semen Bank (FSB), Cuttack has been upgraded to match the Good Management Practice Norms prescribed by Government of India. Strict bio-security measures have been developed. The laboratory rooms like processing and quality control, semen collection centre and sewerage system of the station have been set up as per the norm laid down by Central Monitoring Unit (CMU). The FSB, Cuttack has got ISO 9001:2008 certifications and awarded with “A” grade by Central Monitoring Unit and stood second position in the eastern region and 6th position in the country during CMU (Central Monitoring Unit) Evaluation 2015-16.

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