Chilika Breed of Buffalo


Breed Origin and Development

The animals are primarily found in villages in and around the Chilika Lake like Bhusandapur, Balugaon, Satapada, Brahmagiri and Krushnaparashad area of Khurda and Puri district. The animals are mostly reared in free range system depending upon the saline weeds of Chilika lake
The animals depend upon the weeds found under the water of Chilika lake and has a capability to put their snout inside the water for 2-3 minutes to feed upon these weeds.

Breed Description.

The animals are medium sized and compact.
Horns are Crescent shaped. Bent backward and inward
Coat Color is mostly dark brown with brownish hair.
Forehead is flat and proportionate to the body size.
Ears are small to medium sized with little droopy
Udder is small. Milk vein is less prominent.
Tail is small to medium in length.
These animals attain maturity at the age of around 30-34 months
The lactation length is around 238 days

Breed utility and Special Qualities.

The breed is a dual purpose animal with good quality milk and draft ability. The consistent milk products like ‘Dahi’ is highly thick usually kept in bamboo baskets.