Breed Origin and Development

The animals are mostly found in Bhawanipatna, Junagada, Golamunda and Dharnagada blocks in Kalahandi district. The animals are mostly reared under semi-intensive system with very less input.

Breed Description.

The animals are medium sized, horned, strong dual type and docile with almost no dewlap. Males are strong and vigorous.
Horns are long laterally upward and inward, curved to make half circle appearance.
Coat Color blackish grey to ash grey.
Small sized head with flat and straight forehead.
Ears are medium and horizontal in position
Udder is small. Milk vein is less prominent.
Tail extends below the hock.
These animals attain maturity at the age of around 34-36 months. months

Breed utility and Special Qualities.

The breed is popular for high longevity and service life as draft animal. Some animals are fairly good milkers producing around three liters of milk a day. Horns are used for making handcrafts and house hold items.