RGM (Rastriya Gokul Mission)

RGM (Rastriya Gokul Mission)


“Rashtriya Gokul Mission” a Central Sponsored Scheme has been launched for development and conservation of indigenous breeds through selective breeding especially for genetic up-gradation of low milk yield nondescript bovine population. Major components under Rastriya Gokul Mission are as follows.

1 Extension of Field AI Network
Establishment of Pvt. AI Centers through NGO
Refresher Training for Existing Pvt. AI Workers
2 Strengthening Existing AI network
Conversion of Non AI Center to AI Center
Conversion of Static AI Center to Mobile Centers
Refresher Training of Existing AI Worker
3 Monitoring of AI Programme
Identification of Females to be covered under AI
Identification of AI Born Calves
Recording & Performance Analysis in CB Bovine Stocks
4 Development & Conservation of Indigenous Breeds of Odisha
5 Managerial Grant to SIA & Grants linked to activities
Managerial Grant to SIA
Concurrent evaluation
6 Manpower Development
Development of training module & Accreditation of Training Centers
Establishment/ Strengthening of Training Center
Establishment of Regional Training Center
Trainers’ Training Programme
Training of Professional(Outside State)
Organization of Seminar & Workshops
7 Strengthening of LN Transport & Distribution System
Bulk LN Transport, Storage & Distribution System upto AI Center
i) LN Tanker
ii ) Transport Vehicle for Intra-district Transport
iii ) Procurement Storage & Transport Cryocontainers
Strengthening District Semen Depots
8 Procurement of Bulls for Natural Services & AI
Procurement of AI Bulls
9 Control of Infertility among Bovines
Control of Infertility among Bovines
10 Other Breeding Activities
Strengthening of existing frozen semen station
Marketing of A2 Milk



The Mission is being implemented with the following objectives:

  • To promote indigenous cattle rearing and conservation in a scientific and holistic manner.
  • To enhance productivity of indigenous breeds and increase economic returns from animal products in a sustainable manner.
  • To propagate high genetic merit bulls of indigenous breeds.
  • To enhance breeding coverage through strengthening breeding network.


Krishi Kalyan Abhiyan (KKA)

Genetic up-gradation programme through high yielding indigenous breed bovine semen and delivery of quality AI services at farmers’ door step in 10 aspirational districts of Odisha ( Balangir, Kandhamal, Koraput, Kalahandi, Gajapati, Dhenkanal, Malkanagiri, Nawrangpur, Rayagada and Nuapada) was implemented through a special drive: Krishi Kalyan Abhiyan

CLICK HERE TO VIEW Guideline of KKA is in PDF

National Mission for Bovine Productivity (NMBP)

The National Mission on Bovine Productivity (NMBP) is a sub scheme under Rastriya Gokul Mission (RGM) which aims to double the farmers income by 2022 through increasing the productivity of the livestock.


NMBP has four components:

  1. Pashu Sanjivni: an animal wellness Programme encompassing provision of Animal Health cards (Nakul Swasthya Patra) along with UID identification and uploading data on National Data Base.
  2. Advanced Reproductive Technique (ART): including assisted Reproductive Technique – IVF/ MOET and sex sorted semen technique to improve availability of disease free high genetic merit female bovines.
  3. “Creation of E- Pashudhan Haat” – Nakul Prajnan Bajar: an e- market portal for bovine germplasm for connecting breeders and farmers .
  4. National Bovine Genomic Centre for Indigenous Breeds ( NBGC-IB).


  1. To enhance milk production and productivity of bovine population by increasing population of disease free high genetic merit females and check on spread of diseases.
  2. To improve quality of dairy animals, milk and milk products.
  3. To increase trade of livestock and livestock products by meeting out sanitary and phyto-sanitory (SPS) issues.
  4. To create e- market portal for bovine germplasm for connecting breeders and farmers, especially from socio-economically weaker sections.
  5. To increase farmers income as a part of goal set by Honourable PM for doubling farmer’s income by 2022
  1. Pashu Sanjeevani – Animal Health cards (Nakul Swasthya Patra) along with UID identification (ear tagging) will be done. Database of all in-milk bovines in the Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health) INAPH database to address the challenges related to productivity enhancement of bovines will be taken up.
  2. Assisted Reproductive Technique – To improve availability of disease free high genetic merit female bovines by introducing Sex sorted Semen Production Technology.
  3. E-pashuhaat – This is an online web portal to boost dairy productivity in India by organizing the livestock market. The portal allows farmers and entrepreneurs find information about bovines, buy or sell livestock, frozen semen and embryos.

Pashu Sanjivni:

Major Activities

  1. Animal identification and traceability using polyurethane tages with 12 digit unique identification number (UID) as per the method prescribed by International Committee on Animal Recording.
  2. Uploading information on Information Network for animal Productivity and Health (INAPH) on online mode.

Technology for animal identification

  1. Animals are being identified under the Pashu Sanjivni using poly urethane tags with 12 digit unique identification number as per method developed by International Committee on Animal Recording. Unique identification number are being generated by NDDB.



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