Q.1 What is the full form of OLRDS?
Ans- Full form of OLRDS is Odisha Livestock Resources Development Society.

Q.2 What is OLRDS?
Ans- OLRDS is a Society registered under Society Registration Act 1860 under the department of F & ARD, Govt. of Odisha.

Q.3 When OLRDS was established?
Ans- OLRDS was established during the year 2000.

Q.4 To which department OLRDS belongs?
Ans- OLRDS belongs to the department of F & ARD of Govt. of Odisha.

Q.5 Who is the President of OLRDS?
Ans- The Commissioner-cum-Secretary, F & ARD, Govt. of Odisha acts as the President of OLRDS.

Q.6 Who is the Vice-President of OLRDS?
Ans- The Director, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services, Odisha acts as the Vice-President of OLRDS.

Q.7 Who is the Member-Secretary of OLRDS?
Ans- The Chief Executive Officer functions as the Member-Secretary of OLRDS.

Q.8 Where is the head quarter of OLRDS?
Ans- OLRDS is presently functioning at Administrative building, OBPI Campus, Siripur, Bhubaneswar.

Q.9 What is the phone number of OLRDS?
Ans- The phone number of OLRDS is 0674-2397985.

Q.10 What is the email Id of OLRDS?
Ans- The email Id of OLRDS is olrdsahd@gmail.com.

Q.11 What is the facebook page of OLRDS?
Ans- The Facebook page of OLRDS is www.facebook.com/olrds.

Q.12 What is the main objective of OLRDS?
Ans- The main objective of OLRDS is genetic up-gradation of bovines of Odisha through organised bovine breeding services. OLRDS is the State Implementing Agency (SIA) for all bovine breeding activities of the State.

Q.13 What is organised bovine breeding services?
Ans- It means breeding of bovines in a Systematic and Scientific manner.

Q.14 Which type of organised bovine breeding services is provided by OLRDS?
Ans- Presently, OLRDS is providing artificial insemination (AI) services for bovine breeding throughout the State of Odisha.

Q.15 Where can one avail AI services?
Ans- AI services is available at the Artificial Insemination centers established through the Department of F&ARD, Govt. of Odisha, AI Centers of OMFED, AI Centers of BAIF, AI Centers of JK Trust. These AI centers are mostly functioning at the GP levels, Block levels & District levels.

Q.16. Is there any facility to avail Artificial Insemination at farmers doorstep?
Ans- Yes, Doorstep AI facility is available at most of the AI centers.

Q. 17. Is there any charges for AI services?
Ans- Yes, Farmers have to pay Rs. 40/- for each AI service.